Our Acoustics Consultancy team has a wide range of experience in acoustics solutions and provides design services and bespoke technical solutions for noise control issues.  Typically, these fall within one of the following key areas: -

  • Architectural: covering areas including recording studios, audiology rooms and reverberation
  • Building Services: including airborne and duct-borne noise and vibration control from all types of building services. This also includes plant such as air handling units, extract fans, chillers, pumps, VAV and CV boxes, heat recovery units and generators
  • Industrial: any form of noise issues relating to any industry, especially manufacturing and power generation.

Environmental Noise Control: we have many years of experience in measuring, quantifying and dealing with these issues and can provide customised solutions for these challenges. Typical examples of these are externally-mounted plant and facades from discharges through to vehicular noise problems.

Internal Environment: these can be as diverse as factory noise control relating to occupational health and ensuring compliance with the first and second action levels, often including the use of enclosures, sound booths and screens from vibration issues relating to sensitive measuring equipment.  We can provide full factory noise surveys, including Noise at Work studies, along with sensible and practical solutions to any problems identified.

Professional Indemnity Cover: we carry professional indemnity insurance, which covers all the consultancy services we offer, as well as all the acoustic equipment we design and supply. We believe we are the only company in the UK to offer this as standard.