Galloway’s acoustic enclosures are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed both client requirements and legislative demands.

Applications range from industrial and building services to architectural uses in locations such as audiology rooms and recording studios.

We can manufacture any sizes, from small pump enclosures to large, full turnkey packages with options for ventilation, lighting and other services as required. Our systems include: -


A cost-effective industrial enclosure/screen system with a versatile number of panel connection methods.


High acoustic performance system with a quality aesthetic appearance. Used primarily for enclosure/screen systems that require architecturally pleasing details (fixings can be hidden) coupled with good acoustic performance.

Frameless/Site Assembly System

Primary applications for this system are internal constructions, many of which require differing aesthetic finishes applied to the internal/exposed panel face such as audiology rooms, recording studios, music practice rooms, permanent room partitions. Other applications include large industrial enclosures such as automotive spray paint booths.

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