Galloway is the sole licence holder for the Fenland Fire Duct system.

The Fenland Fire Duct System complies with the requirements of Method 3 of BS 5588 part 9: 1989 and has been fully tested in accordance with BS 476 part 24: 1987 (ISO 6944: 1985).

The Fenland Fire Duct System has been assessed by the BRE Centre for Fire Resistance (formerly the Loss Prevention Council) as being suitable for use as: -

“a Fire Rated Ventilation Duct, a Smoke Extract/Outlet Duct or a Kitchen Extract Duct.”

To further enhance our commitment and abilities, we are pleased to have gained accreditation with FIRAS (an independent accreditation and training scheme run by Warrington Fire Research for the installers of passive fire protection products) and a number of our team have undertaken Operator or Supervisor training.

FIRAS provides you with the assurance that the Fire Duct installation has been carried out by knowledgeable and competent Operators and Supervisors – and that the system will perform as anticipated.